JTI Coaching and Seminars: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Where does the Coach conduct the coaching session?

A: Generally, coaching sessions are conducted over the phone at a mutually agrees upon time. Tina does do in person coaching at her home business location in Maryland.

Q: Where does the Mentor conduct the mentoring session?

A: The mentoring sessions are conducted over the phone at a mutually agreed upon time.

Q: How long is a coaching or mentoring session?

A: Sessions are usually one hour.

Q: Will Tina be the Coach or Mentor or will she assign another professional to assist her?

A: Tina will be the Coach or Mentor in the majority of the session. Occasionally, Tina may assign another professional to assist her but she will always oversee the process and the client will agree prior to the session.

Q: Do I pay for my sessions prior to receiving services?

A: Yes, payments are accepted (visa/master charge/check/PayPal) prior to services being rendered. The amount is determined and agreed upon prior to the first official session. Payments are generally made monthly. Discounts are available for three months or more paid in advance.

Q: Is it my responsibility to determine what subject the Coach will coach with me?

A: Yes, coaching is personal and it is up to the client to come with the subject. The Coach does have tools to assist the client if necessary.

Q: I am not sure if I need a mentor or a coach. Can someone help me make that determination?

A: Yes, Tina or one of her professional associates can help you make the determination.

Q: How long do most coaching relationships last?

A: Generally, the Coach and the client can work through issues in six to twelve months. However, there have been very successful three month relationships and monthly or "just in time" coaching relationships that work through issues that do not require as much time.

Q: How long do most mentoring relationships last?

A: Generally, most mentoring session last about three consecutive months as Tina assist home business owners set up their business foundation. Periodically additional sessions are set up to develop the business further.

Q: Does Tina host hands on workshops to assist individuals in their business and personal development?

A: Yes, Tina does host in person workshop and teleseminars to further her client's personal and business developments