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Just Traders International, LLC, is your professional and courteous service company. We provide quality business and coaching services. We operate out of the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area but we do business internationally. We believe customer service is not a department, but an attitude.

Tina: Executive, Leadership, Business & Empowerment Coach, Author, Seminar Speaker and Trainer

She is responsible for empowering hundreds of people just like you, to shift and transform as the client takes a developmental journey. Tina also facilitates learning groups that tackle building home business structures and techniques to build wealth! Tina is a sister, the daughter of wonderful parents, a wife to her best friend Willis, the mother of two extraordinary young ladies and an engineer. She enjoys building her faith, woodworking, spending time with family and friends, business brain storming, listening to books on tapes, baking chocolate chip cookies and eating Maryland crabs.

Tina is a Certified Coach. Her coaching education is from iPEC - visit their website at www.ipeccoaching.com and observe that she has been well trained. Tina specializes in leadership, executive, business and empowerment coaching. She has a passion for assisting home base business owners with their structure and growth. Also, Tina is currently the Coaching Program manager for NASA, Goddard Space Flight Center, a member of NASA's Coaching Council and a Certified Professional Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF).