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What is the E3 Home Based Business & Entrepreneur Expo?

This Expo is designed specifically to Empower, Educate and Equip (E3)Home Based Business ownership and Entrepreneurship success. It is an event filled with essential trainings to enhance your skills, and strengthen your business foundation. The theme this year is Grow... Get Ready for Over-flowing Wealth. You get an opportunity to network & ask questions and get answers from top leaders in the small business industry. You will leave with tools that will enable you to immediately launch your business or take your business to the next level.

Foundations of a Profitable Home Based Business, Presenter:
Tina Frizzell-Jenkins

Don’t just launch your business have your business blast off and have it built on a strong foundation that can weather the highs and the lows of home business ownership. This seminar highlights the step by step activities required to reduce the guest work/research required to tackle fundamental home business foundation task. Tina inserts coaching into the process to assist you in putting timelines to goals and cause you to act on the assignments you deem necessary to continually progress forward while shoring your business foundation. Takes the excuses out of the “how to” start creating a strong business foundation by enrolling today. A strong business foundation is a key to a lasting business life.

Empowering Business Expectations Workshop: Tina Frizzell-Jenkins

If you've ever wondered whether transformation is truly possible in a home business environment that is seemingly filled with limitations, Empowering Business Expectations introduces you to a unique way to transform your thinking, set realistic and obtainable goals with actionable techniques that you start putting in place at the workshop. Everyone creates an "Empowerment Board" to make their business vision plain using the "Wheel of Biz" for formating purposes. Coach Tina FJ includes a module on marketing and sales because you are in business to earn a profit. Discover sure techniques to increase sales in your home business starting immediately. As an added benefit, the workshop transforms the participant into a networking cohort that challenges and builds on your business skills and expertise. Come expecting results and you will not leave disappointed. Coach Tina FJ offers a 100% money back guarantee on the workshop if you are not completely satisfied.

Empowering Business Expectations Testimonials:

"Great food, hospitality, staff and generous teacher. Great visuals, great materials for empowerment boards, great networking and new contacts. Awesome life changing instructions and came up with business name. Christian based and free gifts."
-T. R. Smith, VA

"I learned I defiantly need the "wheel of biz," a team, and a coach to get you started and keep you going to the top. You can't do it alone. Tina and Willis Jenkins are the best inspiring couple as business trainers. They are Real & True."
-Ms. Cocoa, MD

"I learned how to follow through with my goals and have short term goals to inspire me to go further. Tina is phenomenal! She takes you by the hand and encourages you. With the people that were here we had fun, fellowship and we networked together."
-Lee Gray, MD