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Jti Coaching & Seminars

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Tina Frizzell-Jenkins, PCC

Resist the Ordinary to do the Extraordinary!

Coaching Conversations

How often do you hear the question, what is coaching? Your answer is here in this awesome book along with coaching questions, tools, a coaching demo and more plus, a journal to savor the coaching journey.

Home Business Coaching

Work in your business versus on your business
Increase profits
Building sales teams
Building a strong business foundation, including LLCs
Moving from goals to actions
Identifying ideal clients
Innovatiative ways to market business

Brandable Business Forms

Guess Event Sign-In Sheet
E-Gift Certificate
Event Tickets
Corporate Annual Meeting Minutes
Mailing Label Template

Just In Time Coaching

Laser focused on the issue at hand. It is usually an unexpected life or business event that requires quick turnaround support that is helpful to manage the issue and take steps to success. Schedule 60 minutes with Coach Tina FJ today!

Empowerment Coaching

Making transitions strategically
Purpose discovery and activation
Hobby to happiness
Shifting business and personal plateaus
Manage elevated levels of stress
Quieting the negative voice

Executive & leadership Coaching

Leverage strengths Professional
Professional presence
Increase effectiveness
Lasting and satisfying results
Uncovering blind spots
Communicate compelling vision
Building inspirational leadership

JTI Home Business
Foundation Mentoring

Personal One-on-One
Foundation business building sessions w/Coach Tina FJ $5 per Minute Mentoring

Home Business Foundation & Accountability
Partner Service

FREE weekly group accountability calls
FREE business foundation trainings & tips
FREE webinar trainings

Coach-Client Matching Service

Searching for a coach but not sure or what type of coach to choose. Coach Tina FJ has a knack for making the connection that has the chemistry to go along with the confidentiality that makes a meaningful and productive Coach-Client relationship.$2.00 per minute, get matched with a coach Money Back Guarantee.