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Coaching Conversations, Author: Tina Frizzell-Jenkins

Coaching Conversations is the first book in the Read Up Jot Down™ Journal series. The series allows the reader to read up on a topic and jot down their experience on the same topic. This book/journal provides an explanation of art of different types of coaching, the history of coaching and the difference between coaching and mentoring. In additions, the book is a journal to be used as an active part of the coaching-client journey. This book is a must have for every person entering a coaching relationship or contemplating a coaching relationship and a great gift for coaches to share with their clients.

Foundations of a Profitable Home-Based Business, Author: Tina Frizzell-Jenkins

The Workbook to Launch Your Business Step by Step and Earn Income Faster. How is your business foundation? This book aids the success of your home-based business by assisting you shoring up the foundation of your business by providing step by step tools and strategies for niche selection, setting up your LLC, creating a business plan, banking, branding, and much more. The book has self-coaching questions at the end of each chapter for accountability and the book is full of templates to taking away the excuses of "how to." In addition, the book has a bonus chapter on intellectual property. This book is a steal for the cost. One template more than covers the cost. Purchase this book now!

The Real Savings Real Deductions, Author: Tina Frizzell-Jenkins

Do you want to learn how anyone can incorporate sure tax savings principles that equate to thousands in tax savings starting today with a home business? You have to play the home business game to deduct! Plus, this book is so much more. It shares financial priciples, coaching techniques, quick meditation practises, budgeting and how to change your mind set to get a shift in your results. This book is a must read and it is written in storybook form.

The Coach's Journey, Co-Author: Tina Frizzell-Jenkins

If you've ever wondered whether transformation is truly possible in a world seemingly filled with limitations, The Coach s Journey introduces you in a unique way to the stories of people who have dealt courageously with life's struggles from a wide variety of perspectives. Not only did they transform their lives, they've taken others wrestling with unfulfilled potential further down their own paths toward richer, more rewarding lives--for themselves, their families and their communities. This book provides an opportunity to be present to their wisdom, and to decide for yourself that positive transformation is not just possible, it's the difference between mere survival and the life you were meant to live..

The Teenage Money Multipler, Author: Tenise Jenkins

Teens get the Millionaire Formula. Tenise at age 13 interviews Millionaire Myron Golden on behalf of teenagers everywhere to capture sure principles for creating wealth starting as a teenage. She states,"I'm not old enough to drive but I earn enough to pay the driver." Teenagers see their future in terms of independent wealth and streams of income. What about the teanager you know?



"This book is both simple and profound. In this book, Tina eloquently addresses every aspect of being tax smart. My recommendation is for you to get a quiet spot and pick up this book, a journal and a highlighter and get ready to learn, be entertained and enlightened all at the same time."
-M. Golden, FL

"I got more from this book than the taxes text book I purchased and it was enjoyable. Ms. Tina I thank-you and my CPA thanks you too"
-C. Day, MD

"I read the book last year. The stories helped me remember the actions to take to document my home business expenditures. I am confident that my refund is a direct result of reading this book. Thanks for making it practical and easy to follow."
-L. Watson, DC